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Aftermarket KYDEX Sheaths

Comes in a variety of colors and some patterns.

Armory DIY Sheath Kit Original

This model fits up to a 5" blade.

Rounded Armory DIY Sheath Kit

Create your very own sheath with our starter kit. Accommodates blades 3"-4", 4"-5, and 5"-6".


1/8" Rubber Spacer Washers Tan

For sheath adjustment.

1/8" Rubber Spacer Washers Black

For sheath adjustment.

30" Stainless Steel Ball Chain

Typically used for dog tags and neck knives.

AB Clips

Rugged one holed nylon belt clip.

AB 3 Clips

Rugged three holed nylon belt clip.

88 BDBC Eyelets

Used to fasten .090 and .080 KYDEX together. Stimpson Eyelets.

KYDEX Strips 7" x 2" .090

Great for KYDEX belt clips and small neck knives.