About Us

Our company started on July 25th, 2004 as a family business in the garage of a modest home in the farming community of Idaho Falls, Idaho. Originally an Idaho based knife company needed help finding a better way to produce their knife handles. Then a couple of friends that owned local knife manufacturing businesses needed Kydex sheaths but could not find affordable options.  These companies came to us for help, and by October of 2005 we had adopted the name Armory Plastics LLC, a company with a goal of  finding ways to help these businesses.

The process used at the beginning was rather messy and required extensive cleaning, this ended up being a bucket of soap and water, a scrub brush and a pressure washer in the back yard. This worked in the warmer parts of the year, but during January and February it could get a little cold and uncomfortable, so this process was eventually moved indoors to the shower stall in the second bathroom.

Eventually, the company grew, and the garage became cramped. We needed more room, so a twenty-foot camp trailer was gutted, and part of the business moved there.

Friendships grew as we found ways to help our customers solve some of their problems and achieve their goals. We soon had good working relationships with several companies including one overseas.

In 2009, again needing more room, after finding a cleaner process and wanting to expand with an injection machine, we moved into the bay of a warehouse. With the addition of the injection machine, we gave our customers more options and found we could even take on a few jobs outside the knife industry.

Our business continued to grow. In 2014 it was decided we needed our own building, about this time we also started into some online sales. We moved to our present location, since moving here we have expanded with three more injection machines and a CNC mill to cut our own injection molds (prior to this time we had used a CNC at a local aftermarket recreational vehicle company to accomplish this). We are again getting that cramped feeling, the good thing this time is we have room on the property for another building. We continue to grow and help our customers achieve their goals.  Armory Plastics LLC looks forward to new challenges in an ever-changing industry.