The Violin

“Your only limitation is your imagination”

We get asked all the time “why did you make a tactical violin?”, our answer…..because we wanted to.

Each year, Armory Plastics LLC and it’s design team enjoys the challenge of trying to make something for display at venues. Sometimes that item is something that no one, or at least very few, have attempted. Usually we try to make something that fits in with work we do for our customers (targets, DIY sheath kits), but for 2020 we wanted something different that would break the preconceptions of what you could make with Kydex and other materials. At the end of 2019, one of the owners suggested a tactical violin.

Project materials and time:

The body: Black Kydex

Neck and finger board: Micarta (hand sculpted)

Tuning pins: Damascus steel (hand forged and shaped)

Pegbox: Micarta (hand sculpted)

Scroll: Micarta (hand sculpted)

f-holes: (Hand carved)

Bridge: Standard maple (salvaged part)

Tailpiece: Aluminum (salvaged Part)

Chin rest: Standard plastic (salvaged part)

Total project time with research, mold creation, forming, and assembly : 126 Hours total